Aligning their complementary cooking styles, Jack with his classic training and Corinna creative home cooking skills, Sacred Food turned from a fledgling venture into an established success, finding its most fertile ground in catering for retreats.

Despite the crisis in the catering industry caused by the pandemic in 2020, Jack and Corinna were determined to keep going and soon came up with the idea of a
Homemade Food delivery service for the island of Gozo.

That’s how Sacred Food not only survived, but literally succeeded during the hardest time, bringing a revolutionary change for the community, initiating people to a new way of eating.

Starting with gluten-free bread, sugar free jam and vegan cakes, the service soon began to provide all sorts of vegan and healthy options: ready meals, cooking sauces, sweets, snacks, and all sorts of condiments.

The fermented products became the identifiable flagship of Sacred Food: kefir, kombucha and kimchi were the way to support people’s health in the most natural and effective way.

Fast forward to 2021: the successful home delivery service blossomed into a Marketplace, giving a network of enthusiastic local producers the opportunity to showcase and sell their artisanal products.