The Mission

Alongside running their successful business, Jack and Corinna were keen to give back to the environment and the local community.

Rescuing – Reducing – Recycling
are the pillars on which Sacred Food was built.

“By rescuing food we mean asking our local grocery stores if they have any ugly fruits or veggies that they don’t have on display or may be throwing away. Most of the time, the produce that doesn’t meet the standard of beauty, is still perfectly edible”.

“By reducing we mean bringing down to zero any excess that can potentially become
food waste. Cooking on orders has been our way to go: we used to shop and cook based on the real demand”.

“By recycling we mean reusing anything and everything we can. Jars, bottles, plastic containers, paper bags, cardboard boxes, etc: they were all reused in the preparation and distribution of food by Sacred Food. Customers were only too happy to return them after use.