The Dream

After catering for their first Retreat together back in 2019, buzzed by the magical tuning, Jack and Corinna had a vision, a dream they wanted to manifest.

See if you can find their dream on the dream wall

They say that dreams dreamt are seeds planted, and some grow and bear fruit. Once planted, the dreamer does not control the outcome, but must surrender and embrace.

This video was planted in 2019.

Mid April 2020, just after the pandemic had hit, Jack and Corinna went to donate some food to the local Food Bank in Gozo. They got chatting with one of the co-founders of the food bank, and before they knew it, they had launched a fundraising campaign to support them.

In total they managed to raise 1,453.68€ which were spread across 9 weekly food shopping.

Immense gratitude still goes out there, to all those people from all over the globe who donated & supported this campaign!

In November 2020, Jack and Corinna were contacted by James from “Magic School Bus”, who offered to join forces. Together they co-founded the first ever “Gozo Soup Kitchen” on wheels: time was ready to bear the fruits of that dream…

The motto was “From the Community, for the Community“.

The initial vision was to serve as a bridge between those who can afford to “pay it forward” and those who cannot.

Each Friday during December, including Christmas Day, they would set up at the same time and place, ready to serve free warm soup, bread and cake.
The response & support from the community was overwhelmingly positive! 

Read the featured article in “Times of Malta“.

Fast forward to winter 2021-2022, and the vision had evolved. The team had grown from 3 to 7 people, and the Gozo Soup Kitchen turned into a medium to raise awareness and funds for important causes:


The Gozo Soup Kitchen was not only nourishing the community with delicious food,
but also creating a community space to engage and support three local organizations:

RAAH Reality About Humanity, DREAMS of Horses Farm, THRIVE Education & Wellness Farm