Turmeric Ghee (*)
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Turmeric Ghee (*)

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The properties of Ayurvedic Ghee combined with the precious fresh turmeric make this product a real food-medicine!

Turmeric is known for its strong antioxidant power.
It also fights bloating and swelling, regenerates liver cells, cleanses the liver of toxins and removes inflammation.
Turmeric also improves gallbladder health.

It is a NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC and has been used since ancient times in the treatment of joint pain, osteoarthritis and arthritis.
However, it is necessary to know that this spice has a LOW BIOAVAILABILITY: once ingested it is almost completely expelled in the faeces and urine; it does not depend on the amount eaten during the day, so it is useless to overdo it.
The GOOD NEWS is that there are combinations that can increase the bioavailability of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, and therefore make it more assimilable to our body!

One of these is the intake of turmeric combined with HEALTHY FATS!

Turmeric Ghee is a ready-made and easily assimilated turmeric concentrate!

Ghee does not lose its typical taste which is rounded off by the delicate flavour of turmeric.

You can use it as you use Ayurvedic Ghee and it is especially indicated if you want to control small inflammations (headaches, herpes, gastritis and any type of excessive heating in the body).

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