Raw Chocolate Bars (*)
Raw Chocolate Bars (*)
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Raw Chocolate Bars (*)

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Inspired by and in memory of our dear friend Karl, we bring you our raw chocolate bars.

We have 3 different types, one for those who like chocolate slightly bitter, one for those who like their chocolate slightly sweeter, and one stimulant free with just carob:

Our "Dark" or slightly bitter chocolate consists of cacao butter, cacao powder & carob powder. Carob's natural sweetness balances out the bitterness of the cacao, creating a pure 100% sugar free chocolate. Naturally Sweet.

Our "Not so Dark" or slightly sweet chocolate consists of cacao butter, cacao powder & agave syrup. The agave gives this one a slightly smoother texture.

Our "Just Carob" or stimulant free chocolate consists of cacao butter and carob powder. Naturally sweet, and milder than regular cacao chocolate.

Each packet contains 2 bars of chocolate which weigh around 30g each.

Vegan, Gluten free & Sugar free.

Keep in the fridge!

This product comes in a compostable wrapper.

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