"Pumadoro Cunzato" ~ Sun-Dried Tomatoes
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"Pumadoro Cunzato" ~ Sun-Dried Tomatoes

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Sicilian tomatoes dried with the traditional method in the sun, seasoned with fresh basil and garlic in Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Ingredients: Sicilian sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, extra virgin olive oil.

How to use: perfect as a tasty aperitif, you can add them to your salads and also prepare a delicious pasta sauce with them. Once you have finished the tomatoes, the flavoured oil can be used to drizzle 

Format/size: a 370ml glass jar.

Storage/Best Before Guidelines: refrigerate after opening, and consume within 6 months.

Recycling Policy: we encourage you to keep the cycle going with us by returning the jar clean on your next delivery. Thank you :)

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