Primosale Cheese (*)
Primosale Cheese (*)
Primosale Cheese (*)
Primosale Cheese (*)
Primosale Cheese (*)
Primosale Cheese (*)
Primosale Cheese (*)
Primosale Cheese (*)
Primosale Cheese (*)
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Primosale Cheese (*)

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Primosale is produced mainly in Sicily and Sardinia, made with sheep's or cow's milk.
It's believed that Primosale was mentioned in Homer's Odyssey as the cheese made by Cyclops.
The name of the cheese means "first salt" referring to the early stages of his maturation.

Primosale is delicious as it is, fresh and tasty.

Need to be tried sautéed with oil, salt and oregano!

  • Cow's milk Primosale plain €16 kg
  • Cow's milk Primosale flavored €18 kg
  • Sheep's milk Primosale plain €18 kg
  • Sheep's milk Primosale flavored €20 kg

Approximate weight 750/800 gr per piece

We produce about 3,5 kg of cheese per week, about 2 kg plain, another 2 flavored. The final delivery weight may vary according to the aging days.


We accept orders to customize your cheese with the aroma you want, INSIDE or OUTSIDE  (dried tomatoes, pepper, olives, basil pesto, capers, walnuts, pistachio etc ..)

If you want your customize Primosale Cheese just add a note to your the order. For the custom cheese, we pick up the 7am milking on Sunday, so orders need to be placed by Saturday evening!


Keep in the fridge, once opened, consume in 6 days.


If you wish, you can continue the aging at home following this procedure

Cheese must remain whole.

Every 15 days, massage it with salt and brush with extra virgin olive oil. Keep it in the fridge on a ceramic plate and turn it twice a day, eliminating any serum.

ATTENTION Prolonged maturation is ONLY suitable for PLAIN cheeses or flavored only outside! In the case of Primosale flavored with ingredients in the dough, the cheese must be consumed within 6 days.

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