Nutty Ghee
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Nutty Ghee

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Of French gourmand origins, known by the name of beurre noisette, it's one of the most famous and used condiments of parisienne gastronomy.

The singular characteristic that distinguishes, and from which the curious association with hazelnut derives, is represented by its particular manufacturing process.

The butter is heated until the Maillard chemical reaction is activated, during which it acquires its typical brown color and delicious aromatic flavor. For my beurre noisette I use the same slow cooking process as ghee, lengthening and increasing the temperature at the end of the cooking process so as to reach the Maillard reaction (130 C)

This allows to obtain a spread made from 100% butter from pasture cows with an intense and nutty flavor!

As French cuisine teaches, this clarified butter is perfect to use for any type of sweet preparation.

Perfect and very delicious to spread on bread or crackers with jam. And what is even more special, it keeps almost unaltered all the precious properties of its cousin Ayurvedic Ghee: among which it minimizes the amount of lactose and casein, excellent used as healthy fat instead of traditional butter, optimizes the digestion and a sense of satiety.

Nutty Ghee is available in 250 gr jar at the price of 7.40 euros.

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