Pure Grape Syrup - "Mosto Cotto" (*)
Simone Nagero

Pure Grape Syrup - "Mosto Cotto" (*)

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Our family owns a small land in Calabria (South Italy) rich of olive, orange and fig trees; and a couple of vineyards too.
All plants are taken care without the use of chemical fertilizers.
Our production being very limited, we only manage to sell enough to cover our costs.
Each product is made with love and in harmony by family members and friends, for our own consumption but also for the benefit of others.

Hand-picked black grapes, smashed, filtered and cooked down into a delectable sweet sauce, with the consistency of a dense syrup.

100% 🍇 natural taste / Zero added sugars

It is heavenly on fruit, cheese, ice-cream, cakes or in salad dressings. Can even be served as a non-alcoholic drink to be sipped slowly by a fireplace.

Size 100ml

Best before: December 2021

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