Kombucha Immunity Tonic
Kombucha Immunity Tonic
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Kombucha Immunity Tonic

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Drink a shot every morning before breakfast and give your immune system a boost for the day ahead. This fermented black tea kombucha is infused with fresh oranges, lemons, grapefruit, lime, ginger and turmeric and then filtered.

Kombucha is said to have potent antioxidant and immunomodulating properties which may help in boosting the immune system and relieving oxidative stress. Plus a long list of vitamins and minerals.

Note: this particular brew has been fermented for slightly longer than usual giving it an extra edge of tartness.

Vegan, gluten free & keto friendly

Format: This product comes in a recycled wine bottle (70-75cl) = 25 shots

Storage Guidelines: keep in the fridge and consumer within 1 month.
Warning: Kombucha will continue to ferment if left outside the fridge, especially in the heat of the summer.

Recycling Policy: we encourage you to keep the cycle going with us by returning the bottle clean on your next delivery. Thank you :)

This product contains caffeine from the tea & residues of cane sugar. Most of the sugar has been broken down during the fermentation process.

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