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Kimchi is a great condiment or side dish for a variety of meals. In Korea, the country of origin, they eat a small amount at every meal. 
It is best consumed raw, although you can also cook with it: stir fried kimchi rice is delicious for example! You can also add it to soups, curries and stews for an extra kick!

Our Kimchi is made with local cabbage, carrot, garlic, ginger, onion & chilli flakes!
We offer different variations, for example with extra chilli or with turmeric.
All flavours are packed with naturally occurring probiotics.

Vegan, gluten free & keto friendly.

Format: comes in a recycled jar

Storage/Best Before Guidelines: keep in the fridge! Kimchi keeps for up to 4-6 months no problem, although the flavour will evolve and get sourer over time.

Recycling Policy: we encourage you to keep the cycle going with us by returning the jar clean on your next delivery. Thank you :)

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