Herbal Teas by Marisol (*)

Herbal Teas by Marisol (*)

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Hand-picked flowers, leaves and fruits under the "Pollino" National Park of Calabria - Italy

These infusions are purposely mixed together to enhance their healing potential.

All the flowers have been picked and dried in the best possible way to preserve their organoleptic properties.


✓ Digestive herbal tea
*Calendula flowers
*Achillea flowers and leaves
*Wild fennel flowers

Good for: digestion and stomach ache

How to: Let it sit 5 mins before serving

Weight 30gr


✓ Soothing herbal tea
*Calendula flowers
*Malva flowers
*Chamomile flowers
*Achillea flowers and leaves
*Sun-dried Figs

Good for: Relaxing, soothing and emollient

How to: Let it sit between 5 and 7 minutes

Weight 50gr

✓ Relaxing herbal tea
*Sambuco flowers
*Cinnamon sticks
*Sun-dried Figs

Good for: Cough and colds

How to: Boil 5 mins

Weight: 65gr


It is suggested to store any of these herbal teas in their own packaging, which is perfect to preserve it best

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