Healthy Snicker Cake
Healthy Snicker Cake
Healthy Snicker Cake
Healthy Snicker Cake
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Healthy Snicker Cake

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In name of our friend Karl
In order to honour his memory, we made his favourite cake by using just ingredients that he loved very much, such as tahini, dates and cacao.
This is our Healthy Snicker Cake:
pure goodness, healthy goodness, guilt free goodness!
And if you are wondering...
YES, a sugar free caramel is possible!
YES, pure cacao coating is possible!
And YES, it’s nutty and actually nutritious, due to the amount of protein, vitamin E and B that boost energy and brain function.
NO sugar, NO skim milk, NO lactose, NO milkfat, NO soy lecithin, NO artificial flavor, NO corn syrup, NO palm oil, NO egg whites, NO artificial flavor (all ingredients that you would find in the common snicker bars).

Vegan. Gluten Free. Sugar Free.

IMPORTANT: this cake is to be kept and enjoyed straight from the FREEZER.