Garam Masala (*)
Garam Masala (*)
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Garam Masala (*)

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The most ancient and traditional of India's spice blends; Garam Masala is used in small amounts, in 95% of every Indian dish.

This blend is made from 10 pre-roasted, whole spices, according to South Indian traditions, and is extremely fragrant and aromatic.

Garam means 'warm'
Masala means 'mixture of spices'
Therefore Garam Masala is a mixture of spices that have a therapeuricaly warming effect on the body's Digestive System.

The Chilli Pepper is NOT an Indian tradition? In fact the chilli pepper originates near Mexico, was brought to Europe and the British Empire by Christopher Columbus, and only reached India - via Vasco de Gama - in the 1500's, where it was first produced by the Portuguese!

Garam Masala, therefore, does NOT contain chilli.

100% Natural
#Vegan #GlutenFree #SugarFree 

100ml Glass Jar 
Total Weight: 100g
Weight of Contents: 50g

No Known Allergens

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