Flap Jack Stacks (*)
Flap Jack Stacks (*)
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Flap Jack Stacks (*)

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Thick and chewy, exactly like the most classic Flap Jack. So where is the difference? It doesn’t have any butter or any processed sugar. Simple. And delicious! Plus these Flap Jack are enriched with proteins, fibres and unsaturated fats due to the hemp seeds and nuts content. It’s time to bring back memories from your childhood! Or maybe it’s time to try something new... 

Packed with dried fruits, nuts and seeds. 

Vegan. Sweetened with Coconut Sugar & Agave.

Each stack contains 3 flap jacks, weighing in at around 200g.

Keep in a airtight container, and eat within 3-5 days.

Allergens: oats, nuts.

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