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Consulting Session with Jack

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I specialise in product development & innovation. This is where the magic happens during the initial stages of bring an idea to life. I believe that each entrepreneur or food business must have a unique product that represents their story. I will help you extract the story you wish to tell to the world and transform it into a product or service that is one of a kind. My expertise also includes social media management, online marketing & communications and building an online brand whilst offering valuable & consistent content.

Whether you are still in the idea phase, a young start-up, well into your 1st or 2nd year of business or even a mature business in need of innovation, I believe I can help you. My professional trajectory has gifted me with the ability to adapt and respond to the circumstances given with creative solutions. I also just really cherish the creative process, as there really is nothing like it.

Book a FREE initial consultation so together we can start manifesting your vision!!

After an initial consultation or brainstorming session, I will propose a plan of action. This could vary from as little as one session to as much as a project of numerous weeks or even months. It all depends on the project at hand.

When working with Start-Ups I understand that the budget is scarce, so I am willing to consult in exchange for equity as long as I see long-term potential in the business plan.

Once we have received your booking, we will be in touch to schedule a date & time which suits us both.

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