Confit Tandoori Chickpeas
Confit Tandoori Chickpeas
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Confit Tandoori Chickpeas

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Confit means to "slow cook in fat". Baking chickpeas low and slow in extra virgin olive oil with all the tandoori spices and tomatoes renders them creamy and flavorful.

This Confit Tandoori Chickpeas are the perfect way to spice up your day! They can be a perfect appetizer, or meal: you can enjoy with some flat bread or over rice as well, or add to salads or other dishes as a condiment.

This Chickpeas Tandoori really hits the spot and we recommend to serve with some yoghurt and lime wedges in separate bowls and warm flatbread, pitta or simple delicious sourdough bread if you wish.

This product comes in a 400g jar.

Vegan. Gluten free.

This product comes in a recycled jar, and we encourage you to keep the cycle going by returning the jar clean at your next delivery. Thank you :)

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