Coaching Session with Corinna
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Coaching Session with Corinna

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"Let's start with an important disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I don't respond to nor follow any predetermined or established "system". As every single one of us has his/her own specific path, I simply respond to that path.

As a Sacred Foodist, I am a practitioner guided by intuition and personal experience over mental concepts & statistical data. Science has a place in our coaching framework, although the unique & individual needs of each person are our top priority.

My support comes to decode underlying issues of a patient by just observing & analysing their food choices, habits and patterns. Based on the observation, I offer a reflection, a new perspective on the situation, and suggest a way to counteract the imbalance at hand. At Sacred Food we don't aim to heal anyone, but rather help & support the patient to heal themselves. In other words, any "result" or change you're seeking, depends on your own willingness to finally empower yourself over your story and your patterns." 

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