Calabrian Chilli Oil
Simone & Marisol

Calabrian Chilli Oil

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🌿 High quality Olive Oil from Calabria (Italy), with olives hand picked and stone cold pressed last November. 
         *Olive variety: "Tondino, Grossa di Cassano and Ogliastro"

🌶️ Dozens of chili peppers grown in local farms (e.g. "Thrive Garden" - Nadur), marinated in a small jar with the just mentioned special olive oil, for nearly 3 months.

In our opinion (we're big 🌶️ lovers), a must have in the kitchen! 
Just by adding a few drops of this oil any dish will transform, and every bite explode 💥 in this spicy aroma...  Lovingly addictive!

Level of spiciness: Medium/High

Considering the high quality of olive oil, the product will maintain all its good properties for a year.

Size 50ml

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