Intuitive Eating by Sacred Food

How many times have you seen a delicious recipe online, like a cheesecake for example, and then next to it an ad promoting concern around calories and overeating?
How long have you been on a diet?
Why do you think you are not on a diet?
Now think back on the last time you ate: were you hungry? 

These and many other questions can help you understand what Intuitive Eating is about. Feel free to fill in our online questionnaire to gain more insight: Intuitive Eating Online Questionnaire: What kind of eater are you?

Intuitive Eating could be considered a “program”. We like to describe it as a “self love journey” that uses food as a tool to free ourselves from unconscious behaviours and beliefs. A process through which we can finally find peace with food and with our own beautiful bodies. A unique way to look within compassionately and then empower ourselves to make the change we want to see in our lives.

“The food on your plate is speaking to you. Intuitive Eating is a way to decode the message and restore a healthy relationship with your body.” 

Achieving health is a process of integration between our inner world - thoughts, emotions, feelings, physical sensations- and the external world. While our physical health is not separated from our psychological, mental and spiritual health. 

Food is comforting and dieting can be a way to cope with life. Keeping clear of confusing diets is the first step to take, if you want to embark on this journey.
It might sound scary at times and you might not feel ready for it. As they say, “you’ll never feel ready to become a mother until you become a mother!”, so...

Be brave, be courageous, be you: another way is possible! 

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You can also fill in our FREE Intuitive Eating Online Questionnaire: What kind of eater are you?, and we will send you personalised feedback based on your answers. Then you can decide whether you wish to go deeper :)

If you would like to do some more research before diving into a session, you can find plenty of information on the official Intuitive Eating Website.

We also highly recommend reading the Intuitive Eating Book.