Sacred Food Therapy Testimonial: Isabel Beirer

What can I say? My life, and my ultimate mission is to live a life, where I am completely and wholesomely aligned with my values, which I want to invite to reflect within and without with pure, pristine clarity and flow, creating transparency with who I am and who I strive to be in the world. I want to make my humble existence align with sustainability through and through, people care, earth care and fair share.

Sacred Food, i.e.: Corinna and Jack – are aligned to these values I cherish; therefore the choice was easy. They live life purely and transparently and live by example understanding that they are not perfect but flawed and by knowing so incessantly focus on their own betterment.

The essential thing I learned with Corinna, was that Food – goes more often than not unmentioned on the personal development paths, meaning – there isn’t usually much focus given to what relationship we have with food and how that may affect where we are at that given moment on our personal journey.

And – yes, often a spiritual journey will be likened to a journey of healthy foods and the like, but not how we have a tangible experience with it, make space for it. Because we can be the most spiritual yogi, if we gulf down our Dahl without trepidation, how does that really make sense?

Not sure this makes sense, but what I want to say is that I learned to connect to the essential nature of food, what it is therefore, how it helps me and how my body relates to it.

I learned about deepening my inner voice guiding me to my real needs when it comes to eating and more importantly to rid myself of guilt around food and recognize that all these premade, pre - ”baked” ideas about food, from listening to too many people too many times instead of myself and my inner needs. I feel I was able to bid all of those ideas goodbye in a friendly manner and free myself and heal.

I needed these sessions because, during my recovery from Alcohol, I have had an increased amount of emotional binge eating attacks. In the process of recovery, it is common for addiction switching and or a replacement addiction to develop, because we are no longer able to rely on the substance, we were previously using to numb ourselves from the world and our feelings.

I wanted to better navigate those attacks and better forgive myself and I feel Corinna helped me with that immensely, because through her gentle and sweet guidance she helped implant the right questions to ask in my mind when faced with such an attack, like she has helped me create better emotional intelligence around food. Ha-ha, although that might sound funny, but hey!

Whenever in my circle I spoke about intuitive eating, people really got interested and thought it was interesting, because it truly is a new approach. At the essence of it lies the non – guilt! And the, knowing what you want and when. Because, if I want to eat a boiled egg, with pickles and butter bread at 3 AM while watching the stars naked on my bed, so be it. I’ll do it. Because before any of it, I will always ask my body, “do you want that? YES/NO” if it´s a YES, in it goes, if it´s a NO, then it´s a thanks but maybe next time, much love though. *wink* No hard feelings either way body, mind and soul. Ha-ha.

All in all, I learned to relax more and create space for myself and my needs. I feel empowered and more confident. Quite possibly it may have also had an impact on how I carry myself as a woman and how I allow myself to be as well as how I live within my body and that alone is worth gold. Because I feel I inhabit my body more. For a long time, it has felt as if I was incarnated in it, but not connected to it, and by eating more eating more intuitively I feel that I am more in touch with my physical body and more able to care for it.

Feel free to use this in however way it may serve to move your mission forward.

I love you. Now, then and beyond.