Sacred Food Mission

Back in 2019 we had a dream for 2020.

The dream was to crowdfund a food truck in which we would travel around Europe, rescue food waste from supermarkets, and cook it up for the homeless on the streets.

In September 2019 we had much fun creating this promo video:

We also started searching for potential food trucks, but ultimately things were not flowing back then and so we decided to let go of the idea.

They say that dreams dreamt are seeds planted, and that some grow and bear fruit. Once planted though, the dreamer does not control the outcome, but must surrender & embrace the unexpected.

Fast forward to 2020 and the seed has sprouted into something we could not possibly imagine...

Mid April we went to donate a couple of food boxes to our local Food Bank on Gozo. We got chatting with Belinda, one of the co-founders of the food bank, and before we knew it we had launched a fundraising campaign to support them.

Since then we have been doing a weekly shop:

We also pledged to cook a weekly meal for families on the island with food rescued from local grocery stores. This way we can make sure that each household is getting at least one nutritious & wholesome meal per week.

Sunday has become our Soup Kitchen Day:

At this point (8th May) we have cooked 3 weekly meals and managed to do 3 campaign shops. The support we have received so far has been amazing, we just hope we can keep this going as long as there are people who need support during these uncertain times.

 There are also other ways YOU can support the Sacred Food Mission:

Join the MISSION and help us FEED those in NEED!

The link above takes you to our GoFundMe campaign where you can donate & stay updated :)

GOFUNDME CAMPAIGN UPDATE (15/10/2020): This campaign is still running, although there hasn't been much movement for the past 3 months. The last campaign shop was on the 20th July 2020. In total we managed to raise 1,453.68€ which we spread across 9 campaign shops. We are super grateful to have been able to support to our local foodbank during the first few months of the COVID Crisis. Thank you to everyone who donated & supported this campaign.



GOZO SOUP KITCHEN TRIAL 2020 (20th Nov - 25th December): on November 2nd we received an unexpected message from someone we had never met or even spoken to before. It was James from "Magic School Bus". He was planning to leave Gozo and was looking for someone to take on his Food Truck!! Hang on a minute...? Was our dream from 2019 coming true in the most magical & mysterious way?! 

Cutting a long story short, we joined forces with "Magic School Bus" and brought life to the first ever "Gozo Soup Kitchen" on wheels. The idea was to serve as a medium for those who can to "pay it forward" and for those who cannot to receive on the other end. As we like to put it: "From the Community, For the Community".

Each Friday we would set up at the same time and place ready to serve free soup, bread and sometimes cake: 16:30-18:30h at Marsalforn Car Park. 
The response & support from the community has been overwhelmingly positive! Read our featured article in "Times of Malta".
We look forward to seeing what this DREAM continues to GIVE in 2021!!

(UPDATE 28/11/2021)


We are super excited and grateful to announce that the Gozo Soup Kitchen RETURNS for another season with a NEW team and a LARGER Vision!
“From the community for the community” is still our motto.
What’s NEW?
This year we will not only be nourishing the community with delicious soup, but we will also be creating a space to engage and bring awareness to 4 important topics:
We have chosen 3 local NGOs to support with your donations, each of them tackling one of the above topics directly:
RAAH Reality About Humanity ~ DREAMS of Horses ~ THRIVE Education & Wellness Farm
Same place, Same time, but this year the season will be longer, from December 2021 to February 2022, with 2 events per month(the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.

Thank you!

God Bless You.

Much Love,

Jack & Corinna