The Re-Culture of Sacred Food

During the last few decades we have become accustomed to over-producing & over-consuming food. By consume we do not mean ingest, as we are not able to keep up with the rate of production. It is said that at least a 1/3 of the food produced does not get eaten.

This only means one thing: FOOD WASTE.

 We have also very much so become a THROWAWAY CULTURE.

Rather than keep empty jars and use them as a Tupperware, we would rather buy new Tupperware containers. Rather than buy ugly vegetables, we opt only for the good looking ones, forcing supermarkets to have ridiculous beauty standards for their fresh produce. Rather than ask for a doggy bag at a restaurant and embarrass ourselves, we would rather let them throw it away. Rather than buy unwrapped vegetables, we demand everything wrapped in unnecessary plastic because of our germophobia.

Here at Sacred Food we believe in RESCUING, RECYCLING, and REPURPOSING as much as practically possible.

By rescuing we mean asking your local grocery store if they have any ugly fruits or veggies that they don't have on display or may be throwing away. Here on Gozo we personally love going to Charles Attard in Fontana, on the way to Xlendi. They separate the beauty from the ugly. On the outside they have fresh produce which they consider ugly or not fit to sell at full price.

By recycling we mean reusing anything and everything you can. Jars, bottles, plastic containers, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, etc... When we started Sacred Food Deliveries we decided that we didn't want to buy any food packaging unless it was entirely necessary. We package most of our food & drink in recycled jars & bottles. Our customers are also on board with us. Not only do they return the jars & bottles on their next delivery, but they even save extra ones for us!
By repurposing we mean taking something that you would normally throwaway or recycle and give it a new purpose. For example, we have been using plastic fruit and egg trays to plant seedlings. Another example would be to use a cardboard box for labels or cake trays. Repurposing means getting creative and making the most of our resources. One can actually feel quite accomplished after repurposing something they would usually throwaway. Try it!
If you have any empty jars or bottles with lids in relatively good condition (no rust) then please consider reaching out to us. We will happily adopt them. If you could wash them beforehand, that would be much appreciated.
If you have anything else you think we may be able to rescue, recycle or repurpose, do not hesitate in contacting us.
Let's turn the throwaway culture into an appreciation culture!