Food Therapy Sessions with Corinna Trione

"Let's start with an important disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I don't respond to nor follow any predetermined or established "system". As every single one of us has his/her own specific path, I simply respond to that path.

As a Sacred Food Therapist, I am a practitioner guided by intuition and personal experience over mental concepts & statistical data. Science has a place in our therapy framework, although the unique & individual needs of each person are our top priority.

My support comes to decode underlying issues of a patient by just observing & analysing their food choices, habits and patterns. Based on the observation, I offer a reflection, a new perspective on the situation, and suggest a way to counteract the imbalance at hand. At Sacred Food we don't aim to heal anyone, but rather help & support the patient to heal themselves. In other words, any "result" or change you're seeking, depends on your own willingness to finally empower yourself over your story and your patterns." 

- Corinna Trione


We like to describe our therapy program as a “self love journey” that uses food as a tool to free oneself from unconscious behaviours and beliefs. A process through which we can finally find peace with food and our bodies. A unique way to look within compassionately and then empower ourselves to make the changes we want to see in our lives.


Who would benefit from our therapy program?

  • Someone who is unhappy with the way they eat.
  • Someone who is stuck in a vicious cycle of dieting.
  • Someone who struggles with guilt & shame around food.
  • Someone who uses food as a coping mechanism aka emotional eating.
  • Someone who wants to stop counting calories.
  • Some who struggles with body-image issues.
  • Someone who is confused about what and when to eat.
  • Someone who believes to have an unhealthy eating pattern.
  • Someone who feels stagnant or stuck in life.
  • Someone who struggles with self-worth.


"Ignoring our intuition is as easy as brushing our teeth".

- Peta Kelly


How many times do we ignore our inner voice? That's our intuition. Our bodies are constantly talking to us. The question is: are we listening? One of the goals of our Sacred Food Therapy Sessions is to Re-Learn how to listen to our intuition. Listening to it means making choices based on it. Making choices based on it means trusting it. And finally trusting our intuition means trusting ourselves.

The food on our plates is speaking to us. What, how and when we eat say everything about our personal challenges, mental health & emotional well-being. We can help you decode the message on your plate and restore a healthy relationship with food and yourself. 

Our relationship with food impacts every area of our life, and for this reason we consider it to be Sacred. By nurturing our relationship with food we will inevitably nurture our life as a whole.


"I learned about deepening my inner voice guiding me to my real needs when it comes to eating and more importantly to rid myself of guilt around food and recognize that all these premade, pre - ”baked” ideas about food, from listening to too many people too many times instead of myself and my inner needs. I feel I was able to bid all of those ideas goodbye in a friendly manner and free myself and heal." - Isabel Beirer


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