Consulting Sessions with Jack Cosson

With culinary experience in over 50 worldwide establishments such as restaurants, hotels, cafes, outside catering, food production kitchens and street food start-ups, I seek to bring local businesses, chefs & entrepreneurs in Malta the professional support they need to accomplish their vision & goals.

My specialty is product/service development & innovation. This is where the magic happens during the initial stages of bringing an idea to life. I believe that each entrepreneur or business should have a unique product that represents their story.I will help you extract the story you wish to tell to the world and transform it into a product or service that is one of a kind. At the end of the day, your business is an extension of yourself. My expertise also includes social media strategy, online marketing & communications and building an online brand whilst offering valuable & consistent content.

Other areas of expertise include business planning, costing and implementation of kitchen processes. Ideas are great, but without structure they tend to be unsustainable.

Whether you are still in the idea phase, a young start-up, well into your 1st or 2nd year of business or even a mature business in need of innovation, I can help you. 

“Sometimes all we need is someone to catalyse our next step forward” - Jack Cosson

Who would benefit from a sacred food consulting session?

  • Someone who is stuck in the world of ideas and feels overwhelmed.
  • Someone who has a clear vision but doesn’t know where to start.
  • Someone who feels crippled by fear & self-doubt.
  • Someone starting out in need of some general support & guidance.
  • Someone who has an amazing product but needs help with the marketing & communications.
  • Someone in their first year of business in need of some serious structure and planning in order to move forward.
  • Someone who already runs a food business, but needs to innovate in order to stay alive.
  • Someone with a successful business in the physical world, but needs help going digital.


    How much?

    30min Initial Consultation - FREE
    This is a requirement for any new client. It is important for us to touch base and get a feel for each other before scheduling a paid session.

    Troubleshooting Session - 55€/hour
    This session is appropriate for those who have a specific topic or issue they would like to focus on and resolve.

    Brainstorming Session - 55€/hour
    This session is appropriate for those looking to take a deep dive into the world of ideas and creativity with the goal of finding inspiration for their project.


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    After an initial consultation, I will propose a plan of action. This could vary from as little as one session to as much as a project of numerous weeks. It all depends on the project at hand. Sometimes a new perspective is all that is needed, whereas other times ongoing support is the way to go.

    For any further questions you can also contact me via:

    • WhatsApp: +356 77719043
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