About: The Story

A love for good food was always the primary inspiration for Sacred Food, an up and coming enterprise established by Jack Cosson and Corinna Trione on the island of Gozo in September, 2019. Aligning their complementary cooking styles, Jack with his classic chef training and Corinna with her abundant skills in home cooking, has turned their fledgling venture into a creative success.  Their loyal customers now enjoy wholesome healthy food, locally produced and beautifully presented before being delivered to their door.


“Sacred Food invites you to look at food through the lens of reverence and appreciation.  Whilst exploring the relationship we have with food; care needs to be taken by each and every one of us, to protect the environment and the communities we live within”.

Sacred Food aims to reconnect people to Mother Nature and the process of selection, preparation and enjoyment of food.  Sadly, these days, there is considerable disconnection associated with the way our food is produced/manufactured and how it reaches our table.  Restoring natural respect and appreciation in regard to production is fundamental in order to re-educate and guide us into making more intuitive choices, thereby preserving our natural resources.


Along with other food outlets and restaurants on Gozo, Sacred Food was seriously affected by the Pandemic back in March 2020.  Retreats, pop events and consultations for food projects began to dry up and it was difficult to see how this budding business could survive.  Jack and Corinna put their heads together and came up with the idea of a home delivery service. Sugar free Jam, home baked bread and Kombucha (a delicious fermented drink) were the first products to be offered, ordered and subsequently delivered to happy customers all over the island.  Rapidly, the list of products expanded to include ready meals, cooking sauces, sweets & cakes, and all sorts of condiments.


Fast forward to the end of 2020, when the successful home delivery service was continuing to expand and blossom into a platform, giving a network of enthusiastic local producers the opportunity to offer their food and artisanal products.


          Mission statement for 2021

        Sacred Food to become an online marketplace for

        Local entrepreneurs to showcase and sell 

Healthy, wholesome home cooked food to the local community.   


The online shop continued to thrive and became a popular way of ordering homecooked food and artisanal products on the island.  Orders steadily increased during 2021 and further producers were welcomed onto the Marketplace. 

Sacred Food is now delighted to announce that they are offering a more comprehensive order and delivery schedule in 2022, making it possible to order and enjoy homecooked food any day of the week!

As always, the website offers a wide selection of homemade artisanal food and drink from local producers on Gozo and Malta.  Products are seasonal, allowing the creation of diverse, mouth-watering dishes throughout the year.

Same day delivery on Gozo for all orders placed before 1 pm from Monday to Friday. 


Sacred Food Mission Statement for 2022

To continue making delicious homemade food more accessible in terms of ordering and delivery. 

To support local, small artisanal producers.

Continued commitment to eco-friendly packaging alongside preventing food waste wherever practically possible. 


It looks like 2022 will be the come back year for Retreats on the island, and we cannot wait to bring Sacred Food to your Retreat and guests :)