About Us

What makes something Sacred? Is food sacred itself or is it the way we interact with food? Or both maybe?

“Sacred Food” is an invitation to explore these enquiries together, to look at food through a lens of reverence and appreciation, to dive deep into our relationship with food, and take responsibility for ourselves and the environment.

In an era where there is much disconnection between the food products we consume and how these are produced, Sacred Food seeks to connect the dots and reconnect people to the process of food. We know from experience that when the connection is made, a natural respect and appreciation is reignited within us all. We then make different choices that are more aligned with our intuition and mother nature.

During these unprecedented times we are living, Sacred Food Delivery has become a big part of our current business. From freshly based focaccia & cakes, to fermented kimchi & kombucha, to wholesome ready meals and snacks, all delivered conveniently to people’s doors here on Gozo & Malta. We also collaborate with multiple producers to make homemade food more readily available for everyone. If you are a home cook and would be interested in becoming a "Sacred Supplier", feel free to contact us.

We also offer In person & Online Coaching Sessions where the goal is to support people to reconnect with their intuition & nurture their relationship with food. We like to describe our coaching framework as a “self love journey” that uses food as a tool to free one from unconscious behaviours, beliefs and patterns. A dynamic process through which one can finally make peace with food and their body. A unique way to look within compassionately and empower oneself to make the change one wishes to see in his/her life.

Sacred Food seeks to reconnect people to their inner food compass, whilst at the same time empower them with practical skills and knowledge in the kitchen. This way people can cook real food at home and nourish themselves and their loved ones.

We cater for retreats and private events, consult for food businesses, host workshops for home cooks, coach intuitive eaters, sell homemade products, and will soon be creating Sacred Food Retreats to encapsulate all the previous.

We are also heavily invested in rescuing food from going to waste at our local grocery stores, recycling glass jars & bottles for our food packaging & supporting the community with non-profit missions such as the "Gozo Soup Kitchen".

Join us on this journey! Together we can make food sacred again :)

With love,

Jack & Corinna"Food is memory. Food is support. Food is emotion. Food is love. Food is dedication. Food is cooperation. Food is a mirror that constantly reminds us to pay attention to our inner world."