Welcome to the Sacred Food Hub

Thank you for taking the time to e-meet us! We are really happy you are here, and would love to introduce you to our website and give you an idea of what you are going to find here.

Food is inherently SACRED, but we as a collective have forgotten. Our mission, with all our products & services, is to connect the dots and help people nurture their relationship with food. By nurturing our relationship with food, we indirectly nurture every other aspect of our lives.

Homemade Food Delivery Service. One-2-One Food Therapy Sessions. Consulting for Entrepreneurs & Businesses. Tailor-made Catering Service. Sacred Food Mission for the Community.


Sacred Food Delivery

You will find a selection of homemade products that are made fresh every week and delivered to your door. As our offerings change with the seasons, demand and creativity, we prefer not to have products stored on our shelves! This allows us to always offer you fresh food and avoid any kind of waste.

We recommend ordering at the weekends, as this is the time of the week when we have our full range of products available from our network of small producers. Delivery Day is Tuesday for both Gozo and Malta. Keep an eye out, as we are always introducing new products for you to try and enjoy from the comfort of your home!

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