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At the very heart of Sacred Food is the desire to reconnect people to nature, in the way choices are made, food is prepared and most importantly of all how it is savoured and enjoyed.

These days, it is all too easy to disconnect from the way in which food reaches our table. Respect and appreciation should always be fundamental in the choices we make.

A complete rewiring of our food habits will help guide us towards more intuitive choices and in turn preserve our natural resources as well as overall health.

Our Values

It’s all about balance

Nature consistently strives to achieve balance between the polarities of life.
Taking and giving. Life and Death. Abundance and Scarcity.

Sacred Food endeavours to help support people who are striving to find balance in their relationship with food and diet.

Playing a role within a complex ecosystem means that whatever we do has a significant impact on ourselves as well as the environment around us. It is our responsibility to respond in a new way. Balance needs to be restored in the way we grow, harvest, source, prepare and consume food. Sacred Food is very much committed to this cause and its evolution.

Sacred Food are specialists in providing wholesome, well-balanced, nourishing food during holistic retreats. All kinds of dietary requirements and allergies are catered for including vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, keto, flexitarian, pescatarian, sugar and gluten free dishes.

Vibrant, mouth-watering menus are tailored to the individual needs of each retreat and its guests, using seasonal produce from local suppliers. This ensures that only nutrient-rich ingredients arrive on the table to be enjoyed by those around it.

What people say about us

As we had the pleasure to cook for many retreats, we also had to choose between all the kind reviews that people left. So we hope that the followings will give you a full picture of what you can expect if you choose Sacred Food.

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