Welcome to our Sacred eShop

Thank you for taking the time to virtually meet us!

We are really happy to introduce you to the website and give you an idea of what you are going to find here.

Products&Delivery: here you will find a selection of homemade products that we cook fresh every week and we deliver to your door. As our offerings change with the seasons, demand and creativity, we prefer not to have products stored on our shelves! This allows us to always offer you fresh food and avoid any kind of waste. For the same reason we also update the product list every week. That's why all the products will result "available" from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. This way you have the full weekend to place your order! Then we will deliver it to you personally the following Tuesday. For now we cover the whole Island of Gozo, but we are working on finding a sustainable way to reach out to Malta too.

Newsletter: to stay updated on order openings and new products, simply subscribe to receive an email from us! Don't worry, we promise not to spam you. Some of our more popular products do sell out, so best to get in there quick: sign up and be the first to know! We encourage feedback on our products/services and any food wishes you would like to see on our eShop, so feel free to play your part in improving your Sacred Food experience!


Sacred Food TV: a laughter will save us! That's true, isn't it? Sometimes the most powerful message is hidden behind the crease of a smile. Dive into this section, watch some interesting videos. You don't know what you don't know!